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·         Which is an important memory FOR YOU?

·         Which are the memories that are commemorated in the memorials that surround you - in your town?

·         Which memories - or questions - are worth being commemorated in the future?

·         We had a two years COMENIUS project about these matters.

·         We had two wonderful years of presenting, of sharing, of learning from each other, of travelling and of making friends all over EUROPE.

·         With Alesund, Norway, Cork, Ireland, Oldenburg, Germany, Périgueux, France, Ghivizzano, Italy

·         In year 1 we made a 70 pages book, consisting of 5chapters: one per school.

·         In year 2 we made a 40 minutes film, consisting of 5 short films, plus opening credits and end credits.



 This site is still under construction. Soon to follow:


proMEM matters. Final report, Oldenburg contribution to the COMENIUS proMEM book 2011 in .pdf, Oldenburg contribution to proMEM film 2012 – see below!

COMENIUS chronicles: The COMENIUS Handel book project – 1998-2000

The COMENIUS eurOPERA and F.R.E.S.C.O. Project

COMENIUS AND BEYOND: 20 Years of European partnership




Value the Past – Influence the future

This is our BLOG

This is Oldenburgs contribution to the proMEM book 2011 – 12 pages in .pdf

This is Italy’s text about Don Milani. A great European discovery: Don Milani’s book “Scuola di Barbiana: Lettera a una professoressa”!

If you haven’t read it yet, you should start TODAY. (Grazie, Michela e Marco, per questo splendido consiglio. È davvero un libro tremendo.)

EVERY European teacher should have read it.

Our COMENIUS song book is here! 20 pages in .pdf.


Project description – in English (from the final report).

Projektbeschreibung – auf Deutsch – aus dem Abschlussbericht


proMEM film: MEMORIES AND MEMORIALS: Value the Past – Influence the Future

Oldenburg parts of the film can be found here:,

please ask for „Gridwork Europe“ or for “proMEM” and “COMENIUS”.


And here, since August, 6th, you can find


under VIMEO, as well as the Trailer as our contribution to the contest 60 years of PAD (German National Agency)


We hope you’ll enjoy our film.


60 years PAD: The German National Agency’s anniversary. Congratulations!

For this outstanding event, the PAD (Pädagogischer Austauschdienst, Bonn)

has invited all project partecipants (not only COMENIUS, but LEONARDO, ERASMUS, LINGUA, ARION and tho whole rest of them to contribute to the anniversary party in november in Bonn.

The nicest contributions will be rewarded with an invitation.

So, as we have finished such a wonderful COMENIUS MEMORIES AND MEMORIALS project proMEM,

I’ve prepared a 7 minutes short version of the film and put it on my website.

(We are having problems to upload it to VIMEO.)

So, if you like, enjoy our 8 minutes “trailer” MEMORIES AND MEMORIALS. Value the Past. Influence the future.




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August 6th, 2012